The battle over illegal P2P file sharing seems to have reached a kind of funny stage, where the recording industry has declared victory, saying that illegal file sharing is almost finished, whilst at the same time, the amount of stuff available on peer-to-peer remains absolutely jaw dropping. How easy it is now, in this day and age, to download just about any song you want, or any movie you want. The quality of music available to download is always excellent, and the quality of movies is steadily improving. From my point of view, illegal P2P file sharing seems more popular than ever, with more and more people doing it all the time. It’s no longer a geek thing – its becoming mainstream. So why does the recording industry maintain that it’s nearly all over? Pretending that something is true does not make it so. Still, we can’t ignore developments like BitTorrent, one of the most popular file-sharing protocols, deciding to go legit.