Adding on to the growing list of NAS-style devices for general use in the home, Buffalo, Inc has revealed their “TeraStation” Terabyte home server. Designed to be plugged straight into the network, it runs Mediabolic's Media Server and is the third product Buffalo has released running Mediabolic software. It has centralized media management built in for use on multiple PCs, supports native RAID for redundancy and protection, jumbo frames for gigabit ethernet (important for fast transfers), four USB 2.0 connectors for additional hard drives or other devices as well as a local FTP server.

"With consumers accumulating personal media files at such an incredible pace, it became apparent to Buffalo that there was a need for a higher-capacity NAS product capable of serving content even while the consumer's PC is turned off," said Daniel Putterman, president and CEO of Mediabolic.
Since more and more devices are capable of using remote media and often homes have more than one computer, NAS is becoming increasingly attractive to home users with lots of music and videos. We're also seeing an increase in devices using RAID, both home PCs and NAS's, showing that people not only are embracing the important data-saving technology, but that the industry is more than ready to provide.