Dual Core is the latest tech buzzword, and it's a very nice one. Whether you back AMD or Intel, the x86 dual core desktop processors have gained tremendous popularity in a very short amount of time, with people wanting them for workstations, gaming rigs, office machines, development and a slew of other reasons. A lot of people still don't quite know what dual core means, though or just how it can benefit a machine. PCMech has posted a very interesting article discussing threading in modern machines and the advent of dual core processing.

These aren't benchmarks; you won't find memory bandwidth or FPU scores here. What you will find, though, if you are interested in learning more about how a computer distributes load in SMP or dual core environments. They cover multitasking, multiple core versus multiple processors, Intel's Hyperthreading and more. If you are into SMP or dual core and want to find out more, take a look. It's good stuff.