As Google marches on in their conquest of information, their level of service continues to expand. They are now offering mobile G-mail, essentially Google mail for your cell or other web-enabled wireless device. Able to automatically sync with Google's servers and display the content correctly, it also has some other integration features that some may like. Something particularly interesting was to be able to return an e-mail with a phone call, assuming you had the persons phone number in your address book. It seems a bit out of place that an e-mail might be immediately followed up by a phone call, but it's there nevertheless. Mobile G-Mail is also catered to the silent majority who don't have the fanciest new devices with hi-res displays:

”Analysts noted that like all Web-based services, Gmail has technically always been accessible from Web-ready mobile phones. But the Web version was often difficult to read on all but high-end mobile devices, with the browser window on smaller handhelds only displaying a part of the actual Web page."This is mobile e-mail for the rest of us, who have normal or tiny screens," said Kelsey Group managing editor Greg Sterling.”
With this type of increased integration and ease of use, things like e-mail are starting to become thought of as utilities as opposed to Internet services, something Google probably endorses.