Using an early version of IE7? Did you install the "critical" security fix for Internet Explorer which was released last Tuesday? Well, there have been reported problems by users who have been testing the new browser who have. The company has confirmed that there have been scattered reports of users experiencing odd browser behaviour after installing the latest updates.

Three different problems have been reported: the browser could crash right after starting up; links may come up blank; or multiple windows may open when the browser is initiated, according to the posting.

Jeremy Dallman, project manager for Internet Explorer security, wrote: "After investigating several of these reports, we have traced these issues to a common source." The culprit is IE 7, the next version of Microsoft's web browser, which is in beta testing. The problems occur only if IE 7 is installed on a machine alongside IE 6. That double-IE configuration is not supported by the fix, according to Dallman's note.