Xbox 360 swindles still seem to be going strong, with many unscrupulous scammers offering the next generation consoles to anyone silly enough to buy them via auction on the Net. Short supply and high demand have left numerous gamers longing for the new Xbox, and being prepared to pay upwards of $800 for it. Many have been conned out of their hard earned cash, with one woman reportedly paying hundreds of dollars for a picture of the console.

That's exactly what has happened to a few shoppers desperate to get an Xbox 360 under the Christmas tree this year. eBay and other Web sites have multitudes of bidding wars going for the next-gen console, and the frenzy has attracted the cold hearts of those looking to take advantage of the situation. In a "cross-your-fingers-and-hope-someone-falls-for-it" scam, some tricksters on online auction site eBay have set up pages hawking what appear to be Xbox 360s.