One of the most truly interesting guys out there in computing right now, Tim Berners-Lee (one of the fathers of the World Wide Web) has started his own Blog. Tim, working at CERN, the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research, was responsible for creating the WWW 15 years ago. Now, he is starting his own Blog.

Berners-Lee is chatting with the rest of us about what he thinks--with a Blog. His first 286-word submission, entitled "So I have a Blog," has received some 500 comments from well-wishers offering praise, gratitude and the odd protest including "But I thought Al Gore invented the Internet..."
Berners-Lee claims that the Blog is nothing really more than his desire to play with blogging tools. But it’s likely to be a great source of interest to WWW technologists and computer geeks alike. Interestingly enough, this Xmas day it was the 25th anniversary of the day that Tim made the first browser available at CERN.