Every year or so, someone toys with the idea of Dell using AMD processors in desktop and even server systems. A little more sporadically but still from time to time, Dell will tease AMD and provoke Intel by “considering” using AMD processors as a viable option in their lineups. Of course, it's always been just talk – at least from our standpoint. The rumor mill is churning again though, with analysts saying 2006 may be the year for Dell to start using AMD processors.

Santiago also wrote in the report: "Our conversations further indicate that Dell's sales force is demanding Opteron-based server offerings to be able to better compete in the market."
At this year's CES, Michael Dell mentioned, though in brief and not as a press release, that adding to their product line with AMD is a possibility. Of course, AMD would probably embrace this more than anyone. But, it's still just talk, and talk it has been for a long time. Perhaps with the rage over the Athlon64 and impressive gains with the Opteron, Dell is seeing that AMD is a safe bet.