A keyboard from Optimus may soon be available that has an LED array that can be customized to display icons, such as the Internet Explorer "e" or Quicktime's signature icon. There has been press coverage showing dazzling pictures of keys with clear, crisp and colourful icons. Just imagine the possibilities - Photoshop artists and video editors who often have to customize key combinations will be able to work more effectively, and users can customize their own key images and bind their own keystroke combinations.

Is such a keyboard technically possible to produce? Jagdish Rebello, Senior Industry Analyst for iSuppli and LED expert, told TG Daily that it's "definitely possible". He adds that the most important part is not the actual LED, but the electronics behind it. "From an LED perspective it's not a big deal, but the key factor is the drive circuitry, which pushes color to each pixel," says Rebello.