Corsair is without a doubt one of the most popular enthusiast brands of memory out there. A very interesting interview with John Beekley, one of the co-founders of Corsair, is posted at legitreviews. Some interesting questions are asked, including what Mr. Beekley thinks Corsair has done for the “gaming” community (Mr. Beekley correctly calls this the “enthusaist” community). He gives a very in-depth response concerning heat dissapation and the merits of improving air flow with heat spreaders.

”We are in the midst of running a bunch of controlled testing in a thermal chamber to determine the performance impact of heat spreaders and heat sinks. We are not done yet, but I suspect what we will find in that the best performance comes from heat sinks with huge honking fins. We'll keep you posted on what we find.”
He also talks about their reluctance for water cooled RAM, and more. Beekley also predicts 2006 will be a primarily DDR2 year, which is to be expected. Definitely an interesting read.