Confusing the issue even further, Microsoft has now claimed that there will NOT be an external Blu-ray Disc drive for the Xbox 360 after all. Seemingly, the computing giant remains committed to backing the rival HD DVD format instead. There are, apparently, no plans to support any other format.

The company's stance is detailed in an official statement made this week in response to comments earlier this month by Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's entertainment division. Moore indicated that if Microsoft could add an external HD DVD drive to the console, it could just as easily offer an external Blu-ray box.
The word from Microsoft on Moore's statement is that he was merely describing the flexible nature of the Xbox 360 to support new technologies as an add-on, and that his words should not be taken as indication that a Blu-ray Disc drive will be available.

"As we've said before, we're confident that HD-DVD will bring the excitement of high-definition movies to the consumer faster and at a greater value," the statement add. "We believe that consumers have signalled what format they want to enjoy high-definition DVD and we're going to follow them down that path.