After hearing great news last week about ABIT's merger with USI, ABIT has decided to get a large amount of feedback from their customers, especially the single user enthusiast in the form of an online survey. More than just a survey, though, this is a promo that gives you the chance to win ABIT hardware.

Whether you are a tweaking tech guru or just starting out in the exciting world of computer hardware, ABIT takes your opinion very seriously. ABIT has a solid history of catering to the needs of the end-user, and now the time has come to kindly ask for your feedback again. This is your big chance to take part in creating the next generation of ABIT hardware! “
Among the usual t-shirts, pens, et cetera, they are also dispensing some high-end motherboards. With just some questions to answer, it can't hurt to enter. The survey starts today (the 27th) and lasts until February 10th, so you don't have much time to get your submissions in. Read more details at the survey site, and good luck!