No big surprise here that there is a chance that Vista, the next version of Windows, is likely to be delayed. Software giant Microsoft has said that if the new OS does not live up to expectations, it will be delayed and tinkered with until it does.

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin – the man most associated with the development of the operating system - said he still expected Vista to ship at the of the year, about the same time he was due to retire, but could not rule out if being delayed.
So will it be delayed, or won’t it? Well, it’s really a quality issue: the company is on track for the promised release date, but will push the date back if the product isn’t up to scratch. Currently, Microsoft is not anticipating any delays...

"Where we sit today, things are going according to plan, and we’re feeling very good," Microsoft's Co-President of the Platforms, Products & Services Division said during an interview in San Francisco. what the company is really saying is: "We don’t expect it to be late, but we are telling you right now that it could be, if it doesn’t live up to quality expectations." My guess? It will be delayed, as there are no doubt myriad problems to resolve if this OS is going to live up to all the hype on its release.