According to a new survey commissioned by enteo Software, two in three IT departments are wasting money and resources by delaying the deployment of new software by a year or more. Often it is the case that software is left to gather dust on shelves, sometimes for longer than half a year. According to the study, 69 per cent of 135 IT managers surveyed left new software untouched for six months or more. Additionally, it was found that 85 per cent of managers a further six months or longer to deploy these new applications.

"When you consider that companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on new software, not to mention the associated costs such as licensing, this is a worrying trend. However, software updates are an exceptionally time consuming and mundane task, and with many departments still having to do the updates manually, it is not surprising that they get pushed to the bottom of the IT department's to do list," enteo Software managing director and CTO Stephan Glathe said.