Intel has given a host of details on their successor architecture to the Pentium 4, for calling it the Next-Generation Micro-Architecture. It will be expanded into multiple areas like the P4 including desktops, mobile devices and servers, meaning it will also encompass their Xeon line.

"We believe we'll be able to open a major gap," with the new processors, Eden said. Eden led the design team that created the original Pentium M processor, which is credited as the inspiration for Intel's embrace of low-power design philosophies and the model for Merom and Conroe.
Pentium M impressed a lot of people and for good reason, so it will be very interesting to see desktop chips based upon this new architecture and how they perform. Intel believes that this will let them take back the performance crown in the eyes of many who see AMD's architecture as superior. Intel won't be integrating the MMC into the chip, instead relying on other techniques to overcome AMD's very successful venture into that realm. Read the full article for more details.