In a press release issued today, Corsair has announced “Committed RAM Allocation” from Infineon, one of the worlds largest suppliers. In the same note, they also announced continued support for AMD Enthusiasts, meaning that they are going to continue developing low-latency DDR and soon most likely begin offering high-speed DDR2, probably 1066. Infineon has given Corsair broad availability on DDR parts for their XMS series, dubbed the 3500LL PRO in 2GB kits. These modules run at DDR437 (an odd number, yes), with timings of 2-3-2-6. Though RAM in the DDR400 bracket isn't that impressive anymore, being a dime a dozen, the timings show that it may have a lot of room for future releases at higher speeds, and the size of the modules at 1GB is nice as well. And, DDR400 is still the standard for AMD-based boards, even if they do unofficially work with extremely fast stuff like DDR500/550/600. You can download and read the full press release in PDF format at Corsair's site.