ECS has released the 945G-M3, a purple (as ECS usual) 945G based motherboard. Designed around home theater / media center, it's a Viiv-labeled motherboard that meets Intel's requirements for such a system. Bear in mind, building a system with Viiv components doesn't mean it gets a Viiv label. Even though it comes stock with Intel's GMA onboard graphics, it isn't completely worthless as a DVD decoding machine because it does feature a single 1x PCIe slot which can be used to expand it if needed. For a media station, it has everything you'll need: Video, audio, 4x SATA, MicroATX form factor, the works. And, it's been given a pretty standard ECS price of just a tad over $100, which is very decent for a 945 based motherboard. Plop one of those sub-$200 2.66GHz dual-cores in there with DDR2-533 and you have yourself an instant low cost media center. ECS, though usually seen as a cheaper brand, often comes out with very low cost boards that enthusiasts go nuts over - such as the K7S5A. This may be the LGA775 equivalent, who knows!