Sony has confirmed that the release date of the PS3 will be pushed to November. Spring had been the previous launch date, but that has now been abandoned. Sceptical comments from third-party developers and publishers nudged many into expecting a delay. Seemingly, Sony is apparently having problems finalizing copy-protection technology for the Blu-ray disc medium which will be utilised.

Sony had been largely silent on the subject of the PS3 since the company unveiled the device at May's E3 conference. At the time, Sony's demonstration of innovative concept game trailers and technical feats — such as the ability of the PS3 to display dozens of TV signals on one screen, or show action on two separate high-definition TVs at once — was seen as a gauntlet thrown toward Microsoft. At E3, Sony announced that the system would launch in spring 2006, though the company declined to specify where that launch would occur. It was unclear if a delay of the PS3 in Japan would result in a delay of the system's American release after the crucial end-of-year holiday shopping season.