Nvidia's "Business Platform" certification will see the company put more focus on the small business, governmental and educational sectors. Aligned with AMD, the certification is aimed at allowing Nvidia and AMD to have another go at Intel's dominance in the business chipset and processor market. These sectors are not easy to break into - it’s almost impossible if you aren't an established supplier in this field, and performance is not what these customers are asking for; it's the total cost of ownership (TCO). Currently, this market is dominated by Intel with the firm's "professional business platform" and the "fundamental business platform", a situation Nvidia and AMD will seek to overturn.

The Business Platform strategy clearly won't take over the market overnight. It may take several years until the program logo will be widely established and its meaning recognized. But a combination of AMD's increasing traction in the business segment with Nvidia's 70% share in the business workstation market may help to create a stronger product that is able to challenge Intel in this market segment.