Straight from Joe Lee, director of Product Marketing and Display Products for Silicon Image, the supposed HDMI chip shortage that could impact up coming equipment we reported on yesterday, isn't going to happen. Silicon Image stated this to me:

”For PC graphics cards, we went to production with our SiI1930 in Q4 2005. We have plenty of inventory and availability. It's just a matter of manufacturers choosing to put HDMI on the design or not For the moment, we are indeed the only company (that I know of) that is in actual production with a HDMI chip for PC graphics cards. nVidia is designing an integrated HDMI transmitter, Chrontel announced a similar HDMI transmitter at IDF, so competition is also coming.”
Interesting stuff. It begs the question of ATI and Matrox, and whether or not they will be incorporating SiL's technology when the time rolls around.