One advantage Intel has always had over AMD is manufacturing capacity. In an industry where several million processors may be required in a short time, that advantage can mean everything. AMD has been looking to resolve that issue for a while, and soon, the first chips from AMD partner Chartered Semiconductor will roll off the line.

According to a report from Forbes, which is cited by Fabtech web-site, AMD is expected to see its microprocessors roll off the fabrication line at Chartered Semiconductor 300mm facility, Fab7 in June 2006. Chartered expects to be able to ramp Fab7 to 18 000wspm (wafer starts per month) by the end of 2006, doubling its current monthly output, it is also claimed.
The direct result this will have for consumers is that AMD's current popular CPUs, such as the 939 based A64s and X2s, will have much higher availability, and, as a consequence, perhaps lower prices. AMD doesn't plan to stop either, with continued production increases planned every year for the next few years.