The very expected and very anticipated “Patch Tuesday” has arrived, and Microsoft has delivered. Bringing a total of 10 vulnerability patches in this round of updates, the most needed ones being several updates for IE covering the recently discovered attacks that have been so bad as to cause some people to seek out third party patches. Various other issues have been resolved as well, most of them revolving around machine compromise, and are all part of the standard Windows updates. If your machine is set to auto-update currently, you've already downloaded them and probably applied them. So far, a day after the release, no reports have been noted of issues with any of the patches, making the rollout very smooth and less troublesome for administrators.

Microsoft took a lot of criticism for the lengthy delay in releasing some of the patches for this cycle, largely in part to the severity of the issue and the potential that Microsoft knew about the problems for so long. Regardless, the patches are now available, and anyone using Windows + IE should make sure they are up to date.