External hard drives are such useful things, is just such a pity that most of them are too bulky. Maxtor have been tackling the problem, and have come up with the Maxtor OneTouch III, Mini Edition. This Titanium metallic paint finished mini hard drive weighs seven ounces (200g) and is equipped with vibration protection via black rubber side panels. The device comes fully loaded with the latest software products to protect and manage digital content, which includes backup automation, encryption and system rollback.

In addition, the drive will also come with a System Rollback feature that reverts a PC's applications and operating system to a healthier point in time, while preserving current data.

The drive also includes two levels of security: software encryption to safeguard its contents if the drive is ever lost or stolen, and Maxtor DriveLock, embedded firmware that further restricts data access should it fall into the wrong hands.
The Maxtor OneTouch III, Mini Edition also has firmware which is designed to deny access without the correct password, despite attempts to take the HDD out of its casing and attach it inside a PC. The device will be available in mid-May.