Its amazing the lengths that some folks will go to promote things in the computing world, but this story really takes the cake. Firefox advocates from Massachusetts are offering publishers and bloggers $1 for each Internet Explorer visitor to their sites they can convince to switch to Firefox. Similarly, Google are offering $1 for each referred download of Firefox it receives via the Google Toolbar. Will Firefox advocates stop at nothing to help the browser gain more browser share?

"Firefox is one of the most important software applications in the world because it can play a big part in determining the future of the web. It is crucial that an open-source, standards-based web browser becomes the most popular browser, and Firefox has a shot at being that. Google has just set the stage for Firefox to literally "take back the web" and go from 11% of browsers to over 50%. If people can now spread Firefox, stick it to Microsoft, and make money for each user switched, an aggressive strategy just got more appealing."