E3 down in hot southwest U.S. had many interesting things, and many people had been flocking to the various booths to see what exhibitions companies have put out. Over at hothardware is a good summary of events, and a lot of good pictures of both up coming games and vendor displays. Some very pretty things are on the way, and some fairly outrageous things as well, such as the “modular” Renegade XPS that Dell will be releasing soon, based on dual-core Conroe CPUs and Quad-SLI nVidia cards.

What was extremely interesting to me, which still might be nothing more than a pipe dream, was a poster for Fallout 3, a game that many considered abandoned and likely never to be released. Could it be revived? We can certainly hope. It's definitely worth keeping up on E3 coverage if you want to know what to expect from the game industry.