Well I always believed that working in the IT industry was a good thing, but now it appears that it is set to be even better. A study by management consultants Deloitte, entitled "Eye to the Future — How Technology, Media and Telecommunications Advances Could Change the Way We Live in 2010" appears to suggest that technology will become so important in the next few years that good Techies will be able to climb to the top of the corporate totem pole with ease.

The study suggests that, by 2010, employees who have the kinds of brains that can master IT and computing properly will be at the top of the corporate ladder. Similarly, people who have issues with tasks like reading e-mail, printing things out and using Microsoft Office might well find themselves unemployed and unemployable.

The report also suggests that the car is due to be transformed into a useful computing tool, being able to read out incoming emails to the driver, talk to networks and perform other functions currently associated with personal computers.