In response to many complains, Dell announced that they did indeed have issues with the first round of 3007WFP 30” monitors, something that was quite hyped up around the time of its original release. The smaller version of the same series, the 2007WFP, is also known to have issues as well. The 3007WFP had issues with backlighting, and the 2007WFP was seen to have problems with color display, particularly it was failing tests in gradient displays, which most appeared as a problem in videos.

We contacted Dell senior technicians and asked them if they had heard of widespread issues with the 2007WFP. The department told us that they had been receiving an increased number of cases about color issues but did not believe the problem to be at severe levels.
Of course, we'd hear this from just about any company when a flaw is found in a product, but at least they are doing something about it. For those who have had these devices for a while, Dell is issuing refurbs.