In the UK, Sky has been forced to delay installation of its new HDTV service into some 17,000 homes due to hardware shortages - there simply aren't enough set-top boxes to go around. Some customers have been told that they will have to wait weeks and even months in order to get HDTV - surely a disappointment for many who had invested in TVs suitable for the service, but also for the thousands of punters who had their heart set on watching the World Cup in blazing, high definition TV. Currently, boxes seem to be being distributed on a first come, first served basis, with those who ordered their equipment first getting it first.

Robert Fraser, Sky's head of corporate press, maintains that the company is doing everything it can to minimise the delays, adding that the quantity of set-top boxes delivered to the company was expected to double in the next three weeks.

"Thousands of customers will have their HD box this week and many more will be installed in time for the start of the World Cup. We'll do everything we can to bring HD to everyone as soon as possible."