Typically, especially in P2P cases, we see the big guy going after the little guy. This time, the tables are turned, and the company behind the P2P software Morpheus is suing eBay and Skype, for a non-paltry sum of $4 Billion. The particulars of the lawsuits, which we heard of initially a while back, are that Skype's technology uses the Morpheus network and infringes upon it. They are looking to do more than just get money, though.

In addition to $4.1 billion in damages, the suit seeks an injunction that would prohibit eBay from selling Skype's online phone calling services. The suit was originally filed in January but was updated on Monday to include eBay for the first tim
Antitrust is also brought into the suit, and the company behind Morpheus believes (so they claim) that the entire thing was an attempt to shut Morpheus down by assimilation. Very interesting stuff.