Intel is adding a new chipset to their roadmap for the desktop series of boards, with the addition of the 1333MHz-FSB supporting Bearlake northbridge chipset. Designed specifically to work with the next gen P4s and the ICH9 southbridges, Bearlake will make an appearance in three forms, “Q” “P” and “G”, Q being the mid series desktops, P being the performance boards and G being the boards that will include Intel's integrated video. Though Intel's roadmap states that Bearlake will support all future Conroe processors, Intel has a notorious history of making newer chips incompatible with their released chipsets, such as with the Smithfields, Prescotts, Tualatins and others. The particular advantages that ICH9 will bring aren't final yet, but both ICH9 and Bearlake are set to come out next year.