Once again dashing the hopes of some and putting others at ease, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has come out and said that Google will definitely not be looking to produce a browser. Making sites and blogs have gone back and forth on this subject for the past few months, citing reasons for and against Google developing their own browser. Despite any subjection, Google's reasons are their own are exactly this:

Answering questions about a browser, Schmidt said: "We would only do so if we thought there was a real user benefit. "The industry is obsessed with this browser question," he added. "And our observation is you have a number of good browsers now."
This doesn't mean it's completely out of Google's scope. As a software development company, they've had success with users receiving their desktop utilities, and Google's toolbar is likely the most popular browser extension out there, being automatically coupled in many browsers. Adding more competetion to the mix likely isn't a good idea for them now, though.