In a surprising move, but one that can also be seen as quite encouraging, AMD has just recently signed a deal with Transmeta that will result in AMD reselling Transmeta CPUs. The scope of the agreement will have AMD taking Transmeta's "Efficeon" processors to emerging markets, probably in developing countries and areas in first-world countries that have little or no access to PCs. This is a continuation of Microsoft's "FlexGo", which has the goal, like some others, of bringing low-cost computing to a much broader world. Whether or not AMD is going to have any part of the development or manufacturing isn't known:

AMD will sell "enhanced" version of Transmeta Efficeon processor produced using 90nm process technology. AMD, however, did not say whether it would manufacture such chips using its own foundries.
This provides a greater market base for AMD, as well as for Transmeta, which can be seen as good from many aspects. It also shows a potential in the future for AMD and Transmeta to work together on low power CPUs, something just about every desktop could enjoy.