As companies start to show off new technologies at Computex, which started yesterday, all the greatest goodies for the upcoming months are brought out development closets and into the spotlight. Among them, ATI has produced something they nicknamed "Boundless Gaming", a platform label (like Centrino) focused around providing a guaranteed beautiful gaming experience. The first spec will include an X1900 CrossFire configuration set of cards and an Intel Core 2 Duo, and a future spec for an AMD processor is in the works. Designed specifically to work well with dual core processors, the "Boundless Gaming" label also results in the secondary video card being used entirely for physics, akin to the physics cards that we have been hearing so much about. The configurations also even support triple cards, with different tasks assigned to each. Performance?

ATI says they have the best physics processing in the world stating that their branch execution unit eliminates much overhead as compared to team Green. Also ATI says they are going to be simply faster than an Ageia PhysX card even with using a X1600 XT and that a X1900 XT should deliver 9 X the performance of an Ageia PhysX card. ATI does not see their physics technology as an offload for the CPU but rather processes a new category of features know as "effects physics."
Whether or not a standard Radeon will outshine a dedicated physics card such as PhysX remains to be seen, but it's a bold claim either way. In the same tone, they claim that CrossFire will start to outshine and overtake SLI as soon as early next year. Can ATI deliver?