More delays are dogging the take up of next generation DVD format technology, with two new Blu-Ray disc players being delayed. The BDP-S1 Blu-Ray disc player from Sony, previously slated for release this month, will now be launching in mid-August. Seemingly, interoperability issues have caused Sony to delay the launch of this device. Once launched, the player is expected to retail for $1000 USD.

Concurrently, Pioneer has also announced a delay in the launch of its own player, the BDP-HD1. This device, previously expected also to launch in June, will now be launched in September, with a new lower price.

"We decided to hold off for bit just to make sure everything works well relative to all the various studios that are planning to ship BD titles," commented Pioneer's Andy Parsons.
Samsung's first Blu-ray player is still expected to launch this month, around the same time as the first movie titles will appear in shops. But with a number of issues affecting Blu-Ray technology at present, it is no means certain that Samsung's player will launch on time.

Meanwhile, Olivier Van Wynendaele of Toshiba Information Systems UK recently told delegates at the MEDIA-TECH Expo in Frankfurt that HD DVD will be launched in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year. Toshiba contend that, within six months of launch, the number of titles on the market for this format will be enough to make people switch from DVD. They further predict that a million HD DVD players will be sold in Europe by the end of 2007.