Though we've heard news about nVidia's plan for the last few AGP cards a few times, we're now getting confirmation of the 7600 GS's AGP variant. With the large number of systems still using AGP in the desktop market, and many people not willing or not able to upgrade to PCI-Ex based systems, nVidia wants to capitalize on that. Many vendors have stopped selling and will eventually stop supporting AGP, so many will be happy to know that nVidia is still planning a release of the 7600GS/GT for AGP platforms.

Since the 7800 is a step too high for some in price, the 7600 would fit in perfect for a midrange system, especially given the lower cost of most AGP boards. Even though vendors often make bland threats about removing support for a product line, typically the market demand pushes things such widely adopted out much farther. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more high-end AGP cards.