As LCD TVs rise in popularity and become more powerful, outshining older TVs in many aspects, LCD manufacturers are able to sell more than ever before. For fiscal year 2007, Sony is expecting to ship a massive 8 million units of the 80-100 million units demanded worldwide. That's a 33% increase from the 6 million expected shipments this year for Sony, a very large improvement. This shows growth not only for Sony, but for the LCD market in general. Sony also expects demand to grow even further, dwarfing demand for traditional TV markets much sooner than many think:

Kogure indicated that global demand for flat panel TVs is expected to jump significantly in the next few years. By 2008, flat panel TVs will account for 42% of the overall TV market, up from a 32% share in 2007. LCD TV will account for 75% of the flat panel TV market, rising from 52% in 2005, added Kogure.
Putting the speculation aside, LCDs have still seen tremendous leaps in both the technology behind them and the willingness of consumers to use them. As volume grows and the technology improves, the prices will fall as well, making it better for everyone.