FireFox has continued to grow, long after the hype has worn off and the novelty value some felt just by having it installed. Slowly approaching a 13% share (according to OneStat), users are continuing to adopt it over other browsers, most especially over IE6. With other browsers making gains as well, such as the infamous Opera, IE seems to be taking a significant hit:

Amsterdam-based OneStat reported that Firefox now accounts for 12.9 percent of browsers used worldwide, and 15.8 percent of those used in the U.S. Microsoft's IE, meanwhile, fell to 83.1 percent globally and 79.8 percent in the U.S.
That leaves Microsoft in a bit of a pickle. Even if IE7 turns out to be a raving success in terms of features and security, many may not trust MS enough to “switch back”. Of all countries polled, Germany had the highest percentage of FireFox users, at 39%. Very soon, FireFox 2 and IE7 will get ready to duke it out. Will IE continue to be the dominant browser in the world, or will it soon have to step aside?