Surprising no one, Sony has decided to pull the advertisement for the white PSP that has drawn so much attention and criticism recently. If you look at the ad, it's pretty obvious as to why some people would find it offensive. You'd think an international company like Sony, with the immense marketing department they must have, would have stopped this much sooner. Regardless, it's going away now, with a profuse apology from Sony.

"Whilst the images used in the campaign were intended solely to highlight the contrast between the different colours available for the PSP, we recognise that the subject matter of one specific image may have caused concern in some countries not directly affected by the advertising. As a result, we have now withdrawn the campaign," Sony said in a statement this week.
In the entertainment industry today, when so many people are scared to offend others and yet in the same token require increasingly daring gimmicks to draw attention, situations like these are inevitable. It's a wonder as to if someone will bring legal action against Sony yet, though it seems apparent that this was just a mistake.