Abit issued a press release this morning announcing a recall of motherboards in the AN932X line, including the Fatality series that uses the same model number. You should know however this problem does not affect all boards sold but only those using the serial numbers specified below:

Fatal1ty AN9 32X:
FAN93UDC000001 ~ FAN93UDC002713
FAN93UDD000001 ~ FAN93UDD001648

AN9 32X:
AN932UDC000001 ~ AN932UDC001407
AN932UDD000001 ~ AN932UDD001000

After a series of heavy testing programs, our Quality Control test department has found that a small number of units from the early manufacturing of the AN9 32X product line has a hardware issue caused by heatsink component displacement due to accidental rough handling during shipments. This will cause high temperatures and possible overheating. Therefore, Universal abit has chosen to recall those AN9 32X and Fatal1ty motherboards that have been affected by this accident. We wish to stress our Quality control is of the highest standard, and unfortunately accidents happen, and the moment we found out about the possibly damaged components being part of the line we have issued this callback. Please make sure that if your motherboard is within this consignment that you return it to be evaluated.

Shipping costs should be covered in full by Universal abit and its world-wide branch offices.