After much anticipation and oceans of hype, they are finally here. Intel has released the desktop Core 2 Duo processors. Encompassing 10 CPUs right now, the Conroe core CPUs are the first for the desktop based on Core architecture. After seeing the performance on paper, I can't wait to see how it behaves in the real world. While to many it's just another CPU, I believe the article makes a good statement about the impact Core 2 could have:

"It's probably the most important product launch Intel has had since the original Pentium 4 in 2001, and may be even more important," Insight64 Principal Analyst Nathan Brookwood told TechNewsWorld. "Really, it's the first mainstream desktop brand Intel has introduced that doesn't have the Pentium name in almost 13 years."
AMD definitely has their work cut out for them with this new beast. Will Intel recover from the dismal launch of the Smithfield? With Core, they probably will. Expect to see the new dual core CPUs on the shelves soon. If you're lucky enough to have them on pre-order, your wait is over.