In what can be seen as a nice boon to the free software community, Intel has released a hardware accelerated graphics drivers package for the Intel i965 chipset. One of the biggest difficulties people have with onboard video on Linux and other platforms using X is the lack of 2D and (more commonly) 3D acceleration. While not fully polished, Intel is making them available and is encouraging people to try them out:

This release represents the start of a long term effort by Intel to work with the and Mesa communities to continuously improve and enhance the drivers. While these drivers represent significant work at both Tungsten Graphics and Intel, as our first release of this code, they're still in need of significant testing, tuning and bug fixing before they'll be ready for production use. We're releasing them now to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing free software drivers for Intel hardware.
The project website is located here. Of course, as a plus to the OSS community, they are releasing the source only - if you want a binary or preconfigured package, you'll have to wait for your respective distribution or someone else to craft one.