A very interesting piece written by Paul Thurrott brings some light and balance on the whole Leopard vs. Vista deal, just days after Apple's WWDC where the "next generation" Mac OS X was unveiled. Although Paul is known to run a Windows site, and as such his comments may be seen as biased, in my book he covered and backed up his points really well. I guess I'm yet another journalist who has nothing against Apple, but I do find it unfair (and sometimes plain stupid) how Jobs keeps touting certain OS X features as innovative and unique, all while bashing Windows and Microsoft. This last point seemed to cover a sizeable part of their agenda on this year's conference.

Sometimes I wonder how Apple CEO Steve Jobs can sleep at night. He appears to spend half his waking hours ridiculing Microsoft's admittedly behind-schedule operating system, Windows Vista, for copying Mac OS X features. But this week at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), he announced ten new features for Leopard, the next version of OS X, most of which will seem more than vaguely familiar to Windows users. I'm not dim: Microsoft does copy Apple on a fairly regular basis. But seriously, Steve. Apple's just as bad.