Keeping pace with the times, media giant Fox will begin offering movies for download, as well as TV shows, on two of the biggest sites in the world: IGN and MySpace. Fox, which owns both IGN and MySpace, will begin to offer seasonal shows and movies on the same day the DVD releases are made available. First appearing on IGN, this will be Fox's first direct download service. They do let other companies resell media for them, so obviously they have tested the waters and found it to their liking. Movie downloading is still fairly new (at least the legal downloading), so some are still skeptical, but many want to go full swing:

The new project is an early indicator of News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch's ambitions to exploit Direct2Drive's technology in the fledgling movie download market, said one analyst. "It's an infrastructure that they use to deliver gaming software that can be a horizontal platform," Gartner research director Allen Weiner, who was briefed on the announcement, said. "It doesn't matter what facade you put in front of it."
Fox will be using Direct2Drive to accomplish the transfers, which is used in a number of other places as well. The media will apparently be usable on portable devices and Windows machines, incorporating Microsoft's DRM. Mac and Linux? Who knows, but probably not. Prices will range from about $20 for a movie to shows for $1.99 a pop.