Things are brewing over at SanDisk, which as of today has just released the new Sansa e280. This device is an 8GB mp3 player with the ability to play non-protected content, which is “expandable” by a further 2GB with an additional add-on SanDisk card. In the future, expansion cards of larger size are planned, possibly extending the usefulness of the device. As far as mp3 players go there's nothing particularly fancy to note about this, but the price point is very interesting. At $249 for the 10GB model, it is by far cheaper than comparable iPods, and a 2GB only model that has yet to be released will be a mere $139. The last time I looked at low end mp3 players, even 256MB and 512MB generics were selling for $100 and up, depending on where you were. The mp3 player is starting to get fairly crowded, though Apple still maintains a majority share on the market.