Just when we thought Apple couldn't get any more angry about people leaking software, they surprise us (or not) and fire several employees who downloaded development copies of Leopard. Leopard, the upcoming update to OS X, has had a tight lid kept on it. A few screenshots were released, but as usual Apple is doing everything they can to keep it a secret (who knows why). Rather than a stern warning or other penalty, Apple chose to outright fire some employees after an internal investigation ended up in them admitting to downloading the OS:

The employers were immediately fired after admitting to obtaining the illegal software. Obtaining illegal copies of Apple software is a clear violation of Appleā€™s terms of service, or TOS, for retail store employees. Furthermore, the Apple employees had also signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) about upcoming software, which resulted in a second infraction.
Tough luck for them. Getting fired over a glorified patch!