Apple has recently earned the ire of Greenpeace it seems, after Greenpeace released their “Guide to Greener Electronics”. With the criteria favoring safe materials to start with and not so much on the ability to recycle, Dell and Nokia were the highest and Apple scored significantly lower. Other companies disagree with Greenpeace's criteria as well, such as the maker of the ThinkPad notebooks:

A Lenovo representative said the company meets worldwide environmental regulations and argued that Greenpeace's ranking doesn't accurately reflect its environmental record.
They defended their position by citing their different client bases:

"We sell our products primarily to commercial enterprises, not consumers, and we offer recycling services on a bid basis to any commercial customer with whom we do business. Those bid services do not appear on our Web site, and company Web sites were noted as one of the main sources for Greenpeace's evaluation," the representative added.
Whether Apple will choose to contest Greenpeace further or focus their efforts to where Greenpeace suggests isn't for sure, but companies around the world are feeling the pressure to adopt greener business practices, especially manufacturers of electronic equipment.