Some of us are still a little shocked at the price point Microsoft will be pitching Vista at. Now, we're starting to see quite a bit of commentary at it. With prices as high as $400 for a retail label, often now you can see where you'd be spending a third of the cost of a new computer on the OS itself. Will this lead to much larger numbers of people purchasing upgrade licenses instead of new licenses? Some sure think so.

As the article brings out, even Apple is offering vastly better price points with OS X, which don't come stock-limited based on the title. Sure, you can go cheap. And maybe a lot of people will be lured into doing so. They'll be in for a shock, though, when every version of Windows preceding it came with way more features out of the box. It'll be very interesting 6 months or so after the release of Vista to see how people are migrating, if they are at all.