I used to be a huge fan of ThermalTake PSU's back in the day. As I started to get more into quiet computing, Antec's PSUs proved themselves again and again to be perfect fits for what I did. Good news for me and many others who are fans of the popular TruePower series, Antec, is upping the warranty for their performance-class units. Now, for the Neo HE series, from 380W to 550W, along with the TruePower series from 430W to 650W, will have lengthy five-year warranties.

The interesting thing is that those types of PSUs are aimed at enthusiasts, and the average enthusiast-built machine has a much shorter lifespan than 5 years, and is also typically put under a lot more stress than a typical desktop. The warranty includes the SLI variants of those PSUs, and puts Antec's warranty in-line with other performance-psu manufacturers.