Supermicro, one of the most popular producers of enterprise-class server solutions as well as a few higher-end desktop products, has recently been hit with a $150,000 fine. Due to their violation of an embargo against Iran several years ago, Supermicro faced the US Attorney's office and ended up in court, pleading guilty to the crime. In particular, they sold a quantity of motherboards to Iran at the same time such action was prohibited:

"The company agrees that at the time that the (motherboards) were shipped, they were controlled for export purposes . . ." the attorney's office said. "The company also agrees that at the time of the export it knew that the United States had imposed an embargo against the Islamic Republic of Iran."
You'd think a company of their size would be able to properly identify what is good business and what is bad business. All in all, the fine seems relatively low based on the type of crime. Supermicro is more thorough in their checking now, so it likely won't happen again.