Yesterday, Microsoft began beta testing their new video sharing service, bound to give YouTube and Google Video a fight. The new service has been named Soapbox and looks to take a part in the ever growing demand of online video sharing. Among the features that differentiate this service from others is the ability to browse through different videos in one browser window, you will also be able to receive RSS feeds with updates from your favorite videos. Microsoft hopes to integrate their new service with their existing ones like Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Messenger. In the future they expect you will be able to put your favorite Soapbox videos in your Live Space with just a click.

Websites that provide online video sharing have recently seen a huge growth. Just a few days ago we heard that YouTube, which receives around 34 million visitors per month, was going to sign a deal with movie studios to distribute films. Microsoft definitely wants a cut of this business and since these services have now become so competitive, surely the will try to dazzle us with something innovative and entertaining, or at least they will try.

Currently the beta version is open to a limited number of users. If you want to take part of the beta in the future, the software giant is asking for your email.